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Green Square Design
Rockdale Garage
Site area: 628m2
Approval: DA Approval Rockdale City Council
Project: Front wall, double car garage, gym and wrap around stair
Budget: $250,000
The original site had a dilapidated garage and irregular stone wall along the front boundary. Initial surveys and geotechnical reports showed that excavation of the front of the site was viable from both a engineering and tehcnical point of view. The proposal is for a stepped front brick wall with a 80 square metre double car garage, gym and shower. The roof over one of the car spaces has a raised roof section to accomodate a car hoist. A series of stairs aound and behind the garage walls lead up the house. On top of the garage concrete roof is a courtyard bounded by raised garden beds to provide visual privacy from the street.
Stage 2 of this project is for major alterations and additions to the existing dwelling. Due to site access diffuculties, initial thoughts to keep the original snadstome foundations are being investigated to reduce the amount of civil works required, which is to lead to cost savings.
Existing House
Existing site and front sandstone wall
Day 1, the excavators start with small 10 tonne excavator to remove and grade levels
Sketch 1
Large 20 tonne excavator at near completion of sandstone excavtion. Approximately 250 tones of soil is taken off site
PLambing work begins for stormwater and bathroom (in garage)
20mm blue metal is placed for slab base
Plumbing, waterproof memebrane, formwork and steel reo is complete ready for inspection and concreting
Just poured concrete slab
200 blockwork is started around perimeter of garage
The front wall is commenced. Dry pressed brick are selected with off white mortar joints
The garage walls and front wall completed
formwork for roof begins
Foprmwork and reinforcement finalised and ready for inspection and concrete pour
Concrete for garage roof is poured
Formwork for the raised roof finalised ready for reo bars to go in
Blockwork walls to the return staircase at rear of garage is commenced
After the block are completed the formworker returns to start the staircase
Concrete poured for stairwase leading up to the house at the top of the site
View of the garage internal. The raised roof with windows on all four sides provide aundant light into garage
Blockwork to the main entry steps is commenced
Once the blockwork is finalise the formwork is commenced