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Green Square Design
Ryde Addition
Site area: 603m2
Approval: DA Approval Ryde City Council
Project: Addition to rear of dwelling
Budget: $185,000
Addition to the rear of existing dwelling. The site had a stormwater easement which ran across the middle of the site, approximately 6 metres behind the existing dwelling. This restricted any development past the easement. The addition was confined to a footprint of 6 metres in lenght by 10 metres in width. The proposal was for an open plan living/dining/kitchen opening onto a open deck. Approval was granted to build the deck over the easement with an approval condition for a positive covenent. The kitchen and dining are defined by a tall raked ceiling leading onto full width highlight windows. Despite the glazed sliding doors facing south, the space is flooded with natural daylight. The living space is visually seperated by a functioning slow combustion fire place (which acts as the main lateral bracing element) and a lowered and flat ceiling.
Existing House
The existing dwelling, a typical post war cottage, containing 2 3 bedrooms and very small living, kitchen and dining rooms
Side view of the dwelling, with the rear addition
Sketch 1
Rear elevations close to completion, Final paint colour and deck to come
Rear elevation, view 2
Kitchen detail
Open plan dining and kitchen
Living area
A reinforced blockwork fireplace s designed to serve both as visual space divider and a structural lateral bracing element
The kitchen is serviced by a sliding doors opening directkly ontot the rear deck for alfresco living
Rendered image of the design
Rendered image of the internal space