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Green Square Design
Bardwell Park Extension & First Floor Addition
Site area: 580m2
Approval: Development Application - Rockdale Council
Project: First floor addition and renovations
Budget: $550,000
Existing home was to remain in tact as much as possible. Proposal was a large alfresco addition adjoing a double car garage which could have a dual functionas a spill out space tot he alfresco. A large first floor addition, accomodating 4 bedrooms, bathroom, ensuite and sitting area opening onto large first floor terrace.
Approval was granted for the removal of the street tree in order to accomodate the new driveway.
Existing House
Before view along secondary street
Sketch 1
Vew of front of dweling
Garage addition
Garage and alfresco extension to rear of property.
Rendered perspective of the complete renovation
View from the rear with first floor addition