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Sydney Residential Architect

Green Square Design
Sans Souci Residence
Site area: 841m2
Approval: DA Approval Kogarah City Council
Project: New residence with associate pool
Budget: $1.5 Million
The site is situated one street removed from Kogarah bay, with an elevated topographical profile. The client brief was for Hampton inspired residence which would take advange of the views above the roof line of the building across the road. The design response was for a three level building comprised of a large semi inground garage, and two residential levels sitting above this platform. This triple level confirguration elevated the first floor level above the roof lines of the buildings across the road to reveal 180 degree panaramic views. The building facade is primarily articulated with its building form and this results in a building which does not rely on a multitude of materials and colour palette to express its character. Traditional french doors and sash windows , gable end dormer style roofs, ironwork and a clever selection of bfacebrick and concrete roof slates comprise the main materials used.
The existing house on the site
Rear of existing home on site
Proposed frotn facade design
Proposed Rear design