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Green Square Design
Sutherland Major Rear Addition
Site area: 700m2
Approval: DA Approval Sutherland Shire Council
Project: Major rear addition
Budget: $350,000
The existing brick and sandstone front portion of th home was in good condition and well mainatained, so very little work was required with exception of new roof covering and some minor cosmetic work. The rear of the home which house the homes main living aea was lagre, however had little to no thermal protection to the weather as it was a simply a deck which has wall built around it. The design called for the removal of the existing rear portion of the home and in its place a new light framed structure which houses the new living, dining and kitchen. The 35 degree roof of the existing home was echoed with the new addition which in turn allowed for the roof area t be utilised as a loft. A wrap arounf verandah promotes and extend outdoor living areas while providing protection against the afternoon north west sun.