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Sydney Residential Architect

Green Square Design
Our approach
+ Design is a collaboration
We believe that designing involves more than just the architect, and that the client's input is as important for a successful outcome. We work closely with our clients and encourage as much involvement as they feel they are comfortable with. While we are here to provide you with our professional advice and guide you through the design and technical aspects, we are open to the clients ideas and particular preferences.
+ Architects Ego
We dont let our ego drive the design outcome or pressure the client to settle on a decision they arent completely happy with, or a design which is financially unrealistic.
+ Patience
The design process can be a very different experience for everyone. Some clients have the innate ability to visualise the design concept and completely understand the technical aspects. For these clients the design process is exciting, and the client usually likes to move at great speeds.
For other clients this may be the first time that they will be embarking on such a process, and the visualisation may not come as easily. Really understanding how the spaces will work and even room sizes can create a lot of uncertainties. We believe patience and an open dialogue between the architect and client is critical.
+ Technical Know How
We take both a creative and pragmatic approach when designing. Understanding the possible technical and structural implications of a design at the very early stages of the process is critical to avoid complications at later stages. Although almost anything can be engineered to work, this does not always equate to a result that will be efficient or cost effective.
+ Accessiblity
We take a very personal approach and make ourselves very accessible to our clients. This means we always have time to speak to our clients, we return your messages as soon as we get them, and can organise meetings with very short notice.