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Engineers and other consultants

Architects are only one part of a team of professionals required to realise a project. A successfull construction project requires a well coordinated team of consultants to ensure all aspects of the design have been carefully considered. An architects role is to coordinate the team and to ensure all other members of the team are focused on the same outcome.

We have access to a wide range of consultants. We have worked with all our consultants and have an excellent working relationship. Importantly our consultants are suited to working on residential projects. This is reflected in there willingness, time frame and fee scale.
Architects roles

Establish which consultants are required for each specific project

Engage a team of consultants who are best suited to the project

Brief the consultants

Review consultant design, provide comment and request amendments

Coordinate the architectural drawings to reflect the consultants design

Consultant list

Structural engineers

Hydraulic/civil engineer - stormwater design, flood study

Surveyor - detailed survey, building & boundary setup/pegout, identification survey

Landscape Designer

Quantity Surveyor - construction cost estimate

Basix/Nathers consultant - Water/energy/thermal performance

Geotechnical engineers - acid sulphate report, soil test and recommendations, infiltration test

Sydney water coordinators