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Frequently Asked Questions
+ How long is my DA valid for
Most councils in NSW have defaulted to 5 years. An application for extention of time can be requested in some instances
+ Can my DA application be refused by council
Short answer is yes. However an architects job is to ensure that the design complies with both Councils Local Environmental Plan (LEP) and Development Control plan (DCP). If the design has taken both of these documents into consideration and the Statement of environmental effects report provides sufficent evidence of such compliance than refusal in unlikely. Further council provides feedback during the DA process on areas which need further consideration, which if satisfied will result in a favourable assessment.
+What if my application receives neighbour objections
Many application into council will receive some sort of objection. This is not unusual. The objection tend to be related to privacy issues, overshadowing, bulk of the proposal and proximity to the side fence, however there is no restrictions on what sort of objections neighbours can submit. Objections are firstly screened by council to ensure they are valid, and then council request the Applicant to address those objections.
+ What if I want to change some aspect of the design after council approval
Modifications to approved DA consents can be made via what is known as a Section 96 Application. This is a seperate application which highlights the changes required.
+ How long will my DA take to be determined
Usually 6 to 8 weeks, However currently DA applications are taking far longer due to the number of application going through council.
Some councils have a very quick turn around time, however some councils have been known to take as long as 8-12 months to approve a DA.